Lopinot Tourism Association Ltd

Lopinot Tourism Association Ltd. was launched in 2014 to create livelihoods and economic opportunities for members of the Lopinot community through sustainable development initiatives in heritage culture, eco-tourism, agri-projects, eco-jewelry and fashion. Important to its purpose is the protection of the environment and preservation of Lopinot’s cultural heritage.

The Association offers cultural and educational tours for the general public and students which provide incomes for young people and sales for farmers’ produce of cocoa and coffee. It also facilitates a market for the hand-made jewelry,  tie-dye clothes, basket weaving, soaps and other products made by women artists and artisans in Lopinot. 

Training is an important part of the Association’s agenda. Members of the community have been taught to make chocolates which are marketed through the Lopinot Chocolates Company. The community has also benefited from training related to rain-water harvesting under a project conducted by Niherst and in water-testing and water management under WASA’s Adopt-a-River Programme.

One of its important successes is the construction of six agricultural access roads which was achieved in collaboration with the farmers’ association.

The Association also acts as a guardian of the natural environment, organising mass planting of trees, protecting the water reserve, monitoring the area for bush fires and reporting incidents of slash-and-burn farming.


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